"Our company has been partnered with Engineering Graphics since 2002. We have enjoyed great success with their products. We find their team very professional with all of our business transactions and they have been a very important part of keeping our customers happy within a very important and volatile medical needs industry. I would, and still do recommend Engineered Graphics as a top notch company and partner to succeed in any business venture."

- Edward C, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to compliment you and Engineering Graphics on your outstanding efforts towards the design, fabrication, and testing of our circuit boards. Engineering Graphics was a pleasure to work with and I knew throughout the project (that spanned several years) that you would deliver a quality product in the time frame promised."

- Scott H, Pittsburgh, PA

"It has been so many years ago now I do not recall how we were introduced to Engineering Graphics Company. What I do recall about Engineering Graphics is a relationship which is close to 20 years old based on their printed circuit board design capabilities, respectively handling confidential information, honesty, integrity and delivering our products on time. One of the first tasks they successfully accomplished was to reverse engineer control boards which were no longer available to us in the marketplace. The end product to this day has been an integral component in our proprietary manufacturing process."

- Terry R, Lexington, NC

"I approached Engineering Graphics and two other design services with an RFQ for a complex mixed-signal array processor with analog bandwidths exceeding 350MHz. The design included numerous independent channels, with strict signal flow, crosstalk isolation, impedance control, and length-matching requirements and needed to incorporate a complex PDN with multiple power rails. The finished layout was to be implemented in double-sided SMT and EMC-control provisions incorporated into the board mounting.

One of the services responded with a "no quote", while another demanded that I pay for a feasibility study before they would commit to a design quote. Engineering Graphics came back within a week not only with a solid and reasonable quote, but presented a proposal including placement of circuit functions and a board-stack strategy.

EG's designer worked closely with me throughout the layout operation, and we worked side-by-side at their facility to bring the effort to closure. EG continued to support the design through several minor tweaks as it transitioned smoothly into production with our contract assembler. The design remains a reliable and high-volume system component.

I can confidently recommend Engineering Graphics for their insight, customer commitment, and post-layout support for electronic designs from the simple to very innovative."

- Barry K, Cleveland, OH